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August 5, 2021 Newcast: Prayers for Nelsonville Police Officer Scott R. Dalley. 
EnviroSpace.US is requesting that the US invest a trillion dollars immediately for a space infrastructure bill to make colonies on the Moon and Mars, very quickly, working with all US rocket makers.  Trillions of dollars in revenue will likely come in the form of gold, platinum, rare "Earth" elements, titanium and more.  We might even be able to use the heat of entering Earth's atmopshere to do some of the work in transforming iron into steel and bauxite into aluminum.
April 26, 2021 at 1:19 p.m.
Statement by Author Chad Kister, Hocking Voice Owner April 24, 2021
Hocking Voice is the ONLY source of REAL news on our beloved planet Earth because of covering brain implants.
EnviroSpace CEO announces he is seeking venture capital for a cheaper, more reliable and environmentally friendly rocket production and launching system for colonies on the Moon and Mars.  See
Chad Kister, Author of 5 books and many more to come, is the leading news source of real news in our corrupt world of bought off and brain implanted journalists and government terrorists.  People are going to need to decide today, on this April 24, 2021, whether they are terrorists, or resisters.
Please contact Chad Kister at if you want to join the resistance effort and be a Patriot.
The Athens News has failed to cover brain implants or no knock warrants.  The Athens Messenger is even worse.  Their police reporter at the time, Monical Nieport, had sex with Pat Kelly, the sheriff, while she was covering him!  Pat Kelly was convicted of 20 counts of corruption and sentenced to 7 years in prison.  WOUB, and WXTQ have failed to cover brain implants, no knock warrants or anything of significance.  Chad Kister plans to provide real news to the Athens area.
Around the world it is the same.  There are very few real news organizations, and a lot of implanted mind controlled  controlled by their government with brain implants.
WAIS is an exception, with their Viewpoint Program 9-10 a.m. on 770 a.m., 1390 FM Nelsonville TV Cable Channel 5 and on the internet.
Ross Martin and Sasha Sigetic are domestic terrorists based in Athens County featured in Chad Kister's 5th book, Cuban Quest for Brain Implant Truth.  They are engaging in ongoing terrorist activity using the brain implant in Kister's head (see
On April 23, 2021, the FBI provided some more information from a Freedom of Information Request from Freedom Fighter Chad Kister, one of the most victimized and persecuted person on the planet (see
The FBI provided scores of transcripts from messages Kister left demanding that they do something about the brain implant.
Instead of doing something about me being brain implanted, the biggest scandal on the planet, that is torture, terrorism and murder, because it will likely kill me of brain cancer, they tried to charge me with allegedly threatening them, the perpetrating terrorists!
The US attorney general found that what I said was protected speech, and that the FBI does not know the law.  The FBI also has me stating innumerable times that they are in dereliction of duty.  Kister has filed thousands of complaints.  Kister will release lots of documents, and recordings soon, and will do his sermon April 25, 2021 about FBI terrorism, and how ending it can get enough resources to get a colony on the Moon very soon.
From 2019
April 30: Chad Kister announces his feasibility study into an environmentally friendly space transportation company

April 30: Wildlife stamp to benefit Ohio’s environment with $14 of every $15 sold

April 25, 2018: Prosecutor drops  telecommunication harassment charges against Chad Kister: media fails to cover the story.

April 19, 2018: Bessemer Hostel rain gauge reads another .5 inch.  Landslide reported in Athens County.  Landslides cost $6 million in February.  Ponds could help reduce both flooding and landslides.

April 18, 2018: Second rape reported at Ohio University in 2 days!  If OU police would stop arresting people for marijuana and pipes, they would have more resources to focus on stopping rape and other violent crimes.

April 17, 2018: Ohio University reports rape, robbery at Ohio University over the weekend.

A brick wall was blown to pieces in an explosion on West Union Street, Athens Sunday, April 15.  The explosion was likely caused by a gas leak, and the city is investigating.  No criminal activity is expected.  One man in his early 20s was taken to Obleness Memorial Hospital with severe burns, and part of the building collapsed.  The Athens City Police did not comment, and referred Chad Kister to the Athens City Fire Department.  The Athens Fire Department went to voicemail.

Flooding anticipated in the Hocking Valley: precipitation comes from Cuba to Ohio!

Bessemer Hostel rain gauge reads 2 inches

AEP Employee Ryan Caywood Assaults environmental author Chad Kister, then returns to Kister’s property.  Sheriffs trump up bogus charges.  Kister’s evidence was denied, and he will appeal.  The sheriffs committed perjury, and Judge Todd Grace refused to allow Kister to talk about brain implants, and other critical issues.

News Media fails to cover the truth, like Brain Implants (see and critics of media advertisers and police (see and  Hocking Voice will become the news leader for the Hocking Valley, and also support news by WAIS and WSEO radio.

Brain Implants are torture, terrorism, 24-7 harassment right into the brain, and the biggest violation of the 4th Amendment ever known on the planet.  Brain implants are also mass murder because they cause brain cancer.

Because of author Chad Kister’s criticism of how the Athens Messenger and Athens News are now owned by the same company, they have massively mistreated him, requiring the need for this site.

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