British Petroleum is hardly going “Beyond Petroleum”

·        BP spent $100 million on the new logo seen above.  That includes $7 million on design and $25 million per quarter for “rebranding.” 

That’s more than they spent in all of 1999 on renewable energy. 

·        Over the next three years, BP will spend more than $24 billion on oil exploration, extraction, and production. 

Over the same three years they plan to spend just $500 million on renewable energy.

·        BP Amoco will spend $26.5 billion buying ARCO, including $100 million just for lawyer fees.

That’s 588 times more than they spent acquiring their solar division, BP Solarex.

·        In 1998, for every $100 BP spent on oil exploration, 16 cents were spent on solar energy.

·        BP will spend $5 billion in the next five years on oil exploration and development in Alaska alone.

·        50% of the oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez was from BP.

·        BP plans to invest 50 times more money in oil exploration and production than in renewables over the next three years. It will increase oil and gas production by over 40% over the next seven years.


Concerned BP Shareholders have introduced a resolution to BP asking them to put their money where their mouth is and come up with a solid plan for renewable energy.

For more information about getting involved contact www.sanebp.com, www.greenpeaceusa.org





“IMAGINE a world where energy is so clean it causes zero pollution and so simple you hardly know it's there. No sound, no smoke, no CO2 - just pure power. That world is here now. That world is solar.”

(Taken from bpsolar.com)


The habitants of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Prudhoe Bay would like to see that!



Call, e-mail, or fax BP and tell them to put their money where their mouth is!