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Updated: January 31, 2012

Past Hocking Voice Work:

  • OU to develops 23 acre area with Native American burial mounds

  • Ohio University considers leasing Ridges to upper income retirement center developers for $1 (the proposal was dropped)

  • Proposed Athens City Council resolution, fact sheets and more

  • Ohio University hires environmental attorney to protect Dysart Woods

  • Public hearing on permit to undermine Dysart Woods September 19 overwhelmingly calls for opposition to permit

  • Hocking Voice to begin campaign to stop Ohio University's coal power plant and instead encourage OU to use solar and wind generated electricity

  • Get contacted for upcoming events:  email chad@arcticrefuge.org with your name, phone number-, email and "join Hocking Voice" in the subject line.

  • Tree Sitters given outrageous jail sentences

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  • Information to stop Ashland-Marathon Pipeline

  • Senate rejects Inhoff amendment that would have allowed drilling in the Arctic Refuge.  Citizen pressure is critical to keeping the Arctic Refuge protected.  Energy bill with Arctic drilling yet to come in Senate.

  • Shell predicts shift to renewable energy

  • Hocking Voice signs national petition against power plant pollution

  • Tree sitters vacate Friday afternoon after state threatens second road to logging site

  • See 9 videos from up in the tree sit (unedited)

  • Call the chief of the Division of Forestry at 614-265-6690 and demand that the division stop logging the Zaleski State Forest. Also call Governor Bob Taft at 614-466-3555 and ask him to end logging on Ohio's state forests, and particularly to stop the King Hollow timber sale. You can also email the Governor at governor.taft@das.state.oh.us

  • Action to save the Zaleski  Find out why activists oppose logging in the Zaleski

  • Call Staples to protest old-growth logging

  • Please attend the Athens City Council meeting September 4 at 7 p.m. and call for a moratorium on the destruction of green space in Athens.

  • Donations of extra paint, paint brushes and banner material is always appreciated (call 594-7287)

  • Online Action alerts by Natural Resources Defense Council

About Hocking Voice

            Hocking Voice is an Athens, Ohio based organization dedicated to restoring the Hocking River and its watershed, and to helping Hocking citizens get involved in local, regional, state, national and global efforts to protect and restore the environment.

            Hocking Voice’s campaigns include planting trees on The Ridges, dumpsite cleanups, encouraging Ohio University and Hocking College to agree to use renewable energy and to cut greenhouse gas emissions, stopping logging on the Hocking, Gifford and Zaleski State Forests, protecting the Wayne National Forest, opposing Pres. Bush’s war against the environment, saving endangered species from ODOT’s planned bypass around Nelsonville and Lancaster, protecting Ohio University’s The Ridges from harm and more.

Legal Victories

            Hocking Voice successfully stopped the York Township Trustees from building a road through the 50-acre beaver-created Minkers Run wetlands in the Wayne National Forest in November 1997.

            Hocking Voice filed an appeal to stop the Buckingham Coal mine near Burr Oak State Park, the Trimble State Wildlife Area, Wildcat Hollow and Wolf Creek State Wildlife Refuge.  While the Environmental Review and Appeals Commission lawsuit did not succeed in stopping the mine, it did reduce acid pollution entering Sunday Creek by 300 percent.

Working Bioregionally

            Hocking Voice is organized based on a bioregional approach.  The group is organizing to unite the peoples of the Hocking River watershed as a political force.  Hocking Voice is dedicated to protecting and restoring the water quality of the Hocking River and the forest ecosystems of the Hocking Hills.

            Hocking Voice promotes sustainable businesses such as eco-tourism, non-timber forest products, renewable energy development, organic agriculture and other economies that can provide a living wage without destroying the environment.

Active Campaigns

Stopping President George Bush’s environmental onslaught

            Though he did not get the popular vote, George Bush is already breaking his campaign promises and working to gut America’s environmental laws.  Bush’s efforts to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil development, end the protecting of 60 million acres of national forest and dismantle global warming and toxic pollution laws is reprehensible and must be opposed.   Bush has reneged on the U.S. commitment to the Kyoto Protocol and has backtracked on his campaign promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

            Hocking Voice helping to organize a festival of resistance in Athens this fall at the Court House.  We will have some fun while demonstrating opposition to Bush’s environmental onslaught.

Green Athens Campaign

            Hocking Voice is a regular presence at city council meetings calling upon council to protect green space and to stop the out of control development.  Sprawl is devastating Athens’ once green hills, as can be seen on OU’s 25 acres of former forest between Hooper Street and Richland Avenue that has been strip mined for fill material and is being built into apartments. 

            Please speak up at City Council Meetings Monday nights for the Daines forest (at least what is left of it) and Adena burial mounds that was logged and is proposed to be developed, and the 900-acre Signal Hill area off Armitage Rd. that is threatened by the massive golf course and upper income development of the University Estates.  OU’s Walmart development and the Columbus Rd. destruction are yet more examples of our public lands being exploited for corporate profit at the expense of our fast diminishing green space and Hocking River flood plain.  Hocking Voice will work to oppose such development by speaking at meetings, filing appeals where possible and supporting other groups active in preserving Athens-area green space.

Stopping the Ashland Marathon Pipeline

             Ashland-Marathon wants to build a high-pressure gasoline pipeline across the headwaters of the Hocking River and through numerous state nature preserves, forests and private nature preserves.  This pipeline would disrupt the scenic ecosystem that provides numerous tourism jobs, and would poison the Hocking River, affecting the drinking water in Lancaster, Logan, Nelsonville, Athens and more.

            Hocking Voice is a constant presence at meetings and in letter writings about the pipeline, and plans to file appeals to stop the devastating development.

Restoring forests and wetlands

            Hocking Voice lobbies hard to get state agencies to restore forests and wetlands through increased land acquisitions, planting trees and preserving and creating wetlands to replace those lost.

            Hocking Voice lobbies hard against House Bill 441 that would halt acquisition of Wayne National Forest lands.  The organization lobbied for state Issue 1's $200 million to be used to buy green space rather than for development.  And Hocking Voice regularly plants trees on The Ridges (which the organization also defends) and elsewhere.

Halting the Nelsonville and Lancaster Route 33 bypasses and calling for mass transit

            Hocking Voice is very concerned about the impacts of the proposed bypass routes around Nelsonville and Lancaster.  Both go through public lands and endangered species habitat.  Hocking Voice was active in stopping logging in the Dorr Run area of the Wayne National Forest in 1997 and plans to file an appeal of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s proposed highway route through that area.  It is home to both the federally endangered Indiana Bat and Timber Rattlesnake.

            Hocking Voice lobbies hard for train and bus mass transit around Ohio and particularly from Athens to Columbus and throughout the Hocking Bioregion.

Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

            One of Hocking Voice’s top priority in its federal lobbying campaign is protecting the costal plain (1002 lands) of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a permanent wilderness.  This is the heart of the only intact Arctic ecosystem left in America and the last 10 percent of undeveloped Arctic coastline in America.

            But President George Bush is working to open the Arctic Refuge to oil development.  We must act with strong vigilance if we are to save this amazing ecosystem from imminent peril.  Go to to see a slide show and find out how to do more to save the Arctic Refuge.

            Ohio’s Senators and Representatives are critical in the decision to open or to protect the Arctic Refuge.  Hocking Voice works to get citizens of the Hocking Bioregion to write letters and make phone calls to save the refuge.

 Greenpeace campus climate change campaign

            Hocking Voice is beginning two campaigns at both Ohio University and Hocking College for both institutions to agree to phase in renewable energy and to agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 7 percent of 1990 levels by the year 2007.  These are national campaigns with Greenpeace being waged at universities and colleges throughout the nation.

 Campaigning to pass the Kyoto Protocol

            Hocking Voice actively collects petition signatures, letters and holds press conferences and demonstrations to support passage of the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States by about a third by the year 2012.

            Hocking Voice collected more than 500 petition signatures and delivered them to Ohio Senator Michael Dewine asking that he support the Kyoto Protocol. 

            Hocking Voice’s coordinator traveled to the Hague Netherlands with about a thousand signatures from the Athens area to attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change as a Greenpeace International Delegate. 

Protecting Dysart Woods

            Hocking Voice supports Dysart Defenders to save the last .004 percent of old-growth forest remaining in Ohio with rallies, petitions, hundred plus mile walks, legal appeals and much more (see www.dysartwoods.org).


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