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 What issues should Hocking Voice cover?  Please email feedback, criticism or information on new or current issues to: ckister@chadkister.com
    Please help to publicize this web site and provide links to it.  This site will be regularly updated with critical environmental information that can be directly used in the effort to protect and restore Hocking Bioregion and the living planet Earth upon whose health we all depend. 
    This is a new web site that will be fast improving.  But this is entirely run as a non-profit with very limited resources.  Lack of funds are a serious limiting factor for Hocking Voice.  Please consider donating to help increase the efforts of Hocking Voice in publicizing important events, public hearings and information, and for crafting coalitions promoting the ecological evolution of Athens County and the Hocking Bioregion.  All donations are used for expenses, not for salaries.  Hocking Voice is run by volunteer efforts.  Donations of $15 or more entitle members to receive email or mailed newsletters and notices of upcoming events (optional) and a free bumper sticker or pin.  Write checks to: Hocking Voice; 4592 Bessemer Rd.; Nelsonville OH 45764.  Also see the fundraisers. 
    Thanks to the generous donations of:: Dick and Eleanor Edgar.  Thanks to Dina Rudick for providing eco-information. Thanks to Frognet for web space.  Web page design, writing donated by Chad Kister. 
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